It gives us great satisfaction to bring you these stories of triumph and success from people we’ve helped. The Law Office of Eric L. Levine continues to achieve the dreams of our clients every day. Winning for you is what keeps us motivated.


Testimonial – Karla M.

“As soon as we got married at the end of July, my friend suggested we contact her immigration lawyer, and since she had nothing but great things to say about both him and his team, we decided to set up an appointment with Mr. Eric Levine the following week. Since the beginning, he made us feel very confident and taken care of. As soon as we hired his services, we received constant reminders and updates on our case and our questions were promptly answered on every occasion. We got our case approved at the end of January, and my greencard arrived in the mail a week later. We couldn’t be happier with all the attention he had with us, and how he went above and beyond to accommodate our needs.

100% recommended.”

–Karla M.


Testimonial – Juanita F.

“There are many firms in the NY area that deal with immigration matters, we chose to work with Law Office of Eric L. Levine based on a personal referral and Eric Levine’s stellar reputation. We were dreading the arduous and bureaucratic process, but Eric and his team were professional and efficient and  helped make the process go smoothly. Eric has a thorough understanding of the entire immigration process, is well-versed in U.S. immigration policy, and keeps up to date with the latest trends in immigration law. Any concerns we raised were immediately addressed. Phone calls were answered in a timely manner. Information we requested about the process was promptly forwarded. And his team were always courteous and attentive, making us feel that our case was their priority. Eric was with us every step of the way ensuring that everything was filed correctly, on time and even asking for extra detail in order to have more evidence to support our case. Eric guided us through the complex legal maze, mentored us in advance of our interview and accompanied us to our Green Card interview (our case was approved immediately!). We highly recommend Eric and his team on all immigration matters!”

–Juanita F.


Testimonial – Selahuddin R.

“When I was in my country a lot of my relatives and my friends asked me about how I did a lot of big jobs in my life in short period of time especially becoming a United States citizen, all the paperwork about bringing my wife and my son to United States. In this case I introduce [Mr. Levine] to everyone and I showed [his] profile to everyone in the Internet. You will not believe that how much I am happy for being with my family together in United States. Whatever I am, it’s all because of [Mr. Levine]. I can never forget [his] hard work for my case. ”

-Selahuddin R.


Testimonial – Anna S.

“As it is widely known, being legally present in the United States is one of the most important factors in the lives of every immigrant living in this country. It took me many years of sacrifice and hardship to finally legalize my status. All that became possible with the help of Mr. Eric Levine, immigration attorney who was recommended to me and my husband by one of my friends. From the moment that we had our first consultation, I found Mr. Levine a person in whom I could entrust my immigration case without anxiety. He has handled every aspect of my case with great professionalism and precision. It was extremely easy to communicate with him all my concerns through visits, phone calls and emails to which he responded promptly. During the entire immigration process, which lasted six months, Mr. Levine as well as his employees were thorough regarding all the matters concerning deadlines, required document collection, USCIS fee payments and emails forwarding. Mr. Eric Levine is an excellent attorney who provides great work and achieves tremendous success for his clients. He is an outstanding expert in the immigration law, extremely reliable and dependable. Without any hesitation, I could recommend Mr. Levine to anyone looking for a skilled immigration help, as he is an attorney you can trust, and a person who deeply cares about his clients.”

-Anna S.


Testimonial – Esther M.

“I was referred to Eric Levine by my cousin who used his services. She had nothing but great things to say about him. I trust her, so I contacted Eric to help me with my immigration case. He was very accommodating to my schedule. He was patient, and addressed my questions and concerns sufficiently. He always responded to my numerous emails in a timely manner. He was present the entire time on the day of my interview. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know that needs an immigration lawyer.”

–Esther M.

Testimonial – Tejbeer S.

“We would like to thank you for your invaluable assistance in our case. With your support we finally obtained the desired result. Today my wife received her passport with visa. We really appreciate your answering all our questions and reviewing our case on time. Your staff did so much to help our queries and was always prompt in returning our calls.

Many Thanks”

–Tejbeer S.

Testimonial – Hayoung K.

“Hi Eric!

Just got back from my oath ceremony, yay!
I want to thank you for all your help and guidance, you’ve been the greatest! I will definitely refer everyone who needs a good immigration attorney to you 😉

Take care and best wishes!”

-Hayoung K.

Testimonial – Ivana G.

“Mr. Eric Levine is one of the most respected people in my life. His outstanding professionalism, knowledge and trustworthiness proved this to me over and over again. It’s very difficult, especially in a big city like New York where there is just so much competition and sub-professional services, to choose the right person who you can trust and feel comfortable with in such a sensitive and important manner. He and his team made me stressed free and were updating me throughout the entire process. His diligence and candor continue to amaze me, and I have and will continue to recommend his services to people in need.”

-Ivana G.

Testimonial – Fawzia S.

“Through this email I just want to Thank you again for your services. You have handled my husband’s case in an extremely competent and professional manner as I have heard from many people but working with you I understood. I have never faced any problem in process of my husband’s case your willingness to help (which has always been one of your most outstanding characteristics, and I bet it always will be) and to acknowledge my concerns have made it easier for me to see things through. Because whenever I emailed or called you, I received a quick reply with great explanation. I appreciate your expertise, poise and patience, I’m very pleased as well as relieved. Thank you.”

-Fawzia S.


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